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Your next collaboration?!

OK. We all know finding the right influencer or business to work with is a lot of work! Some ladies never post. Some put it off. And sometimes, they do everything right, but no impact has been made. So here we are, writing our first blog post for YOU! 

@gamedaydye is a cute bleach and dye business out of White House, Tennessee. We swapped products to show our followers and her content was amazing! She shot a try on video and talked about our brand and posted a good quality photo of us! We gained 100+ followers from her and many sales. 

@lainey_michelle  is a fashion/beauty blogger in Atlanta, GA. She posted right away and did an amazing job displaying our brand and what we stood for. Oh ya- we completely sold out of the skirt she posted in! And her accent...😍. She is someone that we want to work with in the future again for sure!

@brookerayyy_  based in Provo, UT did an incredible job rocking the sweater we sent her! Her post gained us good traction, she was definitely worth collaborating with!

@siennameek a content creator also based in Provo, UT had us swooning over her post! She did a very detailed try on video of everything we sent her and sold quite a bit of stock!

@monicamooresmith once again, in Provo, UT absolutely rocked the dress we sent her. She posted about us twice!! Sold inventory, and gained us followers! Not only does she create amazing collaborations, but she posts some amazing advice.

@laurenhunnn do we do too many collabs with ladies in Provo? Haha. Lauren gave us some content with a different vibe that our followers loved! Lauren is also probably one of the most funny girls we follow! 

We love each and every one of these ladies and what they do! We encourage you to follow them to keep up on everything that they create! We want to thank all of our customers for taking this journey with us! All of your support will be remembered forever! WE LOVE YOU!

XOXO Kenedi and Lisa with Capitol Reef